Book Discussion Questions: Awoken

Awoken_coverBook Discussion Questions for Awoken by Timothy W.C. Miller.

1. The author does a little jump in time with the first few chapters, starting the reader with Michael worrying about getting killed, then sending us the readers back to the day before to see what happened that is has Mike so scared. What do you think of this as way to start a story? Is it easy to follow? Does it make you more interested to start at a more tense moment or not? What are some other stories you’ve read that use this style of opening?

2. Michael has lived with hearing the stones for all his life, not realizing it’s a gift. Have you ever had a trait or something you thought was a curse but that ended up being something amazing? Have you met people who have really cool talents or gifts that they don’t realize or think are gifts?

3. Michael’s foster mother Barbara Wiffle and Michael discuss how each of them defines “family” in the beginning of Awoken. How do their definitions of family differ? And what has happened to them that has caused them to define “family” as they do? By the end of the book, how has Michael’s definition of “family” changed? And Why?

4. The dollmen have a different culture than Michael is used to, and Michael presents different cultural behaviors than the dollmen know. What does Michael learn from being part of the dollmen’s culture? And what do the dollmen learn from Michael?

5. Michael and Lina start off the book hating each other. What are some things that change between them by the end of the book? What are some experiences you’ve had in changing friendships?

6. Dr. Equinox says he wants to help the world with his experiments and by causing mutation. What do you think of corporations experimenting on things that might affect people without telling them? What are some debates in the news about corporations using or abusing science and how it affects the world? Are there times when it’s okay for a group to make changes to the environment because “it’s for the better”?

Read a free sample of Awoken here.