Book Discussion Questons, Silent Starsong

silentstarsongforweb1. Throughout recorded history, the stars have driven scientists, artists, writers, and more to explore and wonder. People still wish upon stars. What are some stories and beliefs about stars that might have inspired the author to think about a group of people who could hear the future based on the “songs of the stars”?



2. When we first meet Kyra Starbard, she is coming home from an operation that failed to fix her hearing. Who do you know, or know about, who is deaf or has a disability? What are ways people treat others who can’t or don’t do things the way others do? How might these people feel when everyone around them expects them to “fix” their life so they better fit in?



3. Marne begins his journey in the book being sold as a slave. How does that affect his life? As Kyra becomes friends with him, it’s clear he is a “person,” and not just property. What are ways that the culture on Kyra’s planet supports the slavery of the Narratsets? How do they keep people thinking they are “property”, instead of “persons”?



4. Kyra and Marne both consider the other to be “alien.” There are definitely some things they consider “weird” about each other. What are some of these things? How do you feel about Marne’s alien differences? How do you feel about the human things Marne considers “alien”? How do Kyra and Marne overcome these differences to become friends?


5. Marne has telepathy, which is the power to read minds and speak directly into a person’s mind. How is this ability treated by the different people in Kyra’s family? If you had this ability, how would you use it? Would it scare people? What would you be scared of if someone you knew had this power? If you could have any alien power, what would it be and why?


6. When Kyra meets her grandfather and tells him of her deafness being “unfixable”, he says, “If they couldn’t fix you, perhaps you really didn’t need to be fixed.” What are some things Kyra learns because she is deaf? What are things she notices and does that others could not do? What other ways does she sense the world when she cannot hear? Why would he say that she doesn’t need to be fixed?


7. When Kyra decides to run away because she is certain there is no better option, Marne disagrees but goes with her anyway. When has there been a time when you’ve had a friend who needed your help with something you didn’t agree with? How did you handle that situation? Have you ever made a decision that a friend thought was foolish or dangerous? How did you work through your friendship during these times?

Read a sample of Silent Starsong here.

Happy Book Birthday to Silent Starsong! Hear the first chapter…

silentstarsongforwebHappy Book Birthday to Silent


This month’s realease is Silent Starsong,  by T.J. Wooldridge, author of The Kelpie.  Like The Kelpie, Silent Starsong is a middle grade fantasy novel, but instead of taking the reader to the Scottish Highlands, Starsong soars upwards into the night sky, to far away worlds.  We are introduced to the Starbard family–a family known for their ability to foretell the future from the songs of the stars.  Eleven-year-old Kyra Starbard, however, was born deaf and will never be able to starsing. With the help of her best friend, Marne, a small alien telepath sold into slavery by his own people for being “too weak,” Kyra decides to make her own fate.

TJ Wooldridge reads from the first chapter of Silent Starsong, in which Kyra and Marne,  rejected and overlooked by their own kind, meet and form a close bond of friendship that will take them places neither ever expected to go. To hear the first chapter read by the author click here.

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BEA Author Breakfast and Middle Grade Raffle Basket sneak peek!

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*Jennifer Carson

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