The Kelpie

New_KELPIE front coverThe Kelpie

ISBN: 978-1-937053-78-9

T.J. Wooldridge

paperback, ebook
I can’t honestly say I was joking when I suggested to my best friend, Joe – Prince Joseph, eldest son of England’s Crown Prince – that we could probably find something the police had missed in regards to the missing children. After all, eleven and twelve year olds like us did that all the time on the telly and in the books we read.

When Heather and Joe decide to be Sleuthy MacSleuths on the property abutting the castle Heather’s family lives in, neither expected to discover the real reason children were going missing:

A Kelpie. A child-eating faerie horse had moved into the loch “next door.”

The two barely escape with their lives, but they aren’t safe. Caught in a storm of a Faerie power games, Heather, Joe, and Heather’s whole family must face off with talking cats, scheming fey nobles, ghostly secrets, and a magick more powerful than any of them expected.

As one more child goes missing, time is running out to make things right.

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